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good and bad


everyone likes to focus on the bad things of countried and cultures, so how about for once we talk about some of the good stuff

America = when they put there minds to it, shit gets done

Canada = maple syrup, contributations to fighting in wars

Mexico = cheap workers, cheaper products

Britian = won the race across the Atlantic, the whole reason I'm even here to write this

France = oral sex, THANK YOU

Arabic countries = Eygypt, craddle of civilzation, and Islam

Isreal=Jewish people, you made Jesus, he was Jew

Scandanavien(I know I can't spell FUCK YOU)= just because we love Techno viking

Indian = Buddism

China = you make shit, and I buy it :)

anything else you people wanna add go a head

muhhaha Uploaded 07/03/2008
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