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Obama Changing Too Much....


There are sevral rumors going around that obama is wanting change well everyone knows he wants change but people are fearing too much change well not so much people as the smart ones my mother is voting for him but she is torn becuase she is fearing too much change I was watching a comedy show and it was like "obama wants to change the white houses name" stupid changes like that even though there a joke are whats going to screw our nation over Its ridioulous to do that im not trying to change your vote merley trying to say think carefully before you vote of course mcain is a hurricane in it of its self really the only good canaidate was Hiliary but the idiots of the world said no and now our whole political system is going down the drian thanks to you  fucking shit head go read a book she was the best canadiate we had and now were screwed with to idiots nice job..... THANKS SO MUCH IDIOT!!

so do you honestly think obama can be our firist black pres or do you think we made a terrible mistake and were screwed......



p.s. HAPPY fourth of july

dontmesswithmeh Uploaded 07/04/2008
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