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tales of preggo week 11


wow... who ever knew you could poo a rainbow? Must be the horse vitamins...

i choked on one of those big ass vitamins that Al Bundy prescribed... "I do WHAT with these?"---"You just have to swallow them"-Bundy replied.

Surprise Surprise, yup! Home alone and i started to choke. I couldnt get it down-- I started to freak out and knocked  everything off my kitchen counter breaking our salt and pepper corona shakers and spilling my morning o.j-- yet I still couldn't think fast enough what the hell to do! So I ran outside and hurled myself over the front porch balcony. Up came the pill and up came breakfast. Just As 10 chinese people walked by on their way to the beach --I couldn't help but to laugh at what they must of thought when they passed covering their childrens eyes. oh yeah I also was still fully decked out in my donut pajamas...hmmm

Hormones are raging I keep accidentally raping my boyfriend...oops

oh yeah Due Date JANUARY 27TH!



jailbreak Uploaded 07/08/2008
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