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O.K. if Strait people hate the gay (and im not gay im just thinking).does that meen that gays hate the strait or do thay love every one becuse thay want to be loved back im just wondering if thats true or a myth, so if that was true then would that say that we need to love the gays to even if were not gay ,or are we so prideful of are choises that we think that every buddy shud follow what we do , i dont know im clueless about this any help ?! i mean like theres this kid in this program im in and i think hes gay by the way he talks and sits and the way he dresses but do i talk to him hes all alone and has no friends there out of 79 other 8-19 year old kids ,.. a littile help would be nice !!!!! Thanks!

zozserizum14 Uploaded 07/13/2008
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