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Big Bang Theory


ok... im athiest but at the same time, i kinda cant abandon my thoughts and beliefs on god. id say im more athiest, but i just wanna know a bit about something. The big bang happened, its a proven fact. correct? its also known that god created the heavens, and the earth. only one of them could have happened, and the bang is PROVEN! how can a true christian defend this? i was talking to a friend of mine that is very christian, and he continued saying that the big bang is theory is indeed, just a theory, and it could not have happened. It also makes me think about the bible, and some of the biblical things it claims to have happened. isn't it possible, even by a little bit, that maybe its just something some random person created and got people to believe? How can you be sure you are praising something? what do u think about this?

KevinMp Uploaded 07/15/2008
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