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This is a word some may not know. But the word is thrown around alot nowadays.
Morality is when you do the right thing in a situation.
Recently i did the poll on if you found 1000 dollars what would you do wit it
i was really suprised to see that 88% said they'd keep it.
I said kjeep it too

but not spend it for like a month. becasue if u start spending it right away then on the news a few days later u here "1000 dollars missing from drug bust"
What would u do. it means that u tampered with the crime scene. AND tht all the money isnt there.

Morality Has substancially decreced in the last century. My question is why...
why do we feel the urge to do the wrong thing, and let our concience haunt u for a while instead of doing the right thing and mabie getting a reward out of it.
So if you want

i want to know,
if u found 1000 dollars.... what would you do, and ...

Nuck_4_Life Uploaded 07/23/2008
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