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Kill Myself


I'm probably going to kill myself one of these days.  I don't really want to, and it's not really going to be intentional, but moreso out of my pure lack of self control.

I love avocados.  I could eat one with every meal.  I like them plain, salted, scooped out of the shell with a tortilla chip, on tacos, on burritos, in salads, in guacamole...  I think they're awesome.  They're full of protein, vitamins, antioxidents and good fats.

Unfortunately, I'm slightly allergic to them. 

When I eat even half of one, my lips start to itch, as does my throat and mouth.  I don't really think there is any swelling to speak of, and I always take Benadryl before I eat one, but one day, I'll probably take a bite of one, my throat will close and I'll die. Why do all the best things to eat have to be so bad for me in one way or another???

kittyhasclaws Uploaded 07/23/2008
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