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Inspiration from unlikely sources.


What inspires you the most? Little kids may say super heros, firemen, or maybe parents. Well adults draw inspiration from nearly anything. But whats lost most of the time from childhood through maturity is the natural feeling to do good for others. Not saying its lost every time. But today, i saw a man find a wallet in a parking lot, he picked it up and proceded to take the money and drop the wallet back on the ground. but the other day I had seen a child maybe 6 or 7 years old see a woman drop her wallet without noticing. and guess what the child did? he ran as fast as he could to give it back to her. some may not see what im getting at here, but you dont have to, but just look closer at life every day, and you may find inspiration froom unlikely sources.

p.s. people excuse my spelling and grammar errors.

MMM3 Uploaded 07/26/2008
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