"Can you fucking sit straight?"

You know, there are many weird/fucked/retarded/dumb people out there. I saw one today on the bus coming back from school. Here's the story.


I was sitting at the back of the bus. My friend and a couple of his/her friends were there. The bus was allmost full, and all the seats were taken. So, moving along. My friend was sitting one bench after me and one of his friends sat in between us. So far so good. Until she (his friend) decides to go sit at the bench right in front. Now as soon as she sat down, there was this jackass who sat where she was. But he didin't carefully placed his ass on the bench without disturbing anybody. He litterely slamed his body on the fucking bench.


So, as we are all sitting down minding my own business listenig to some Rammstein, I notice de retarded leaning on my friend. He pushed him and told him to sit straight but for some wack ass reason, he did not listen and kept on being a fucking retard out of himself. 


Tired of dealing with the idiot, he decides to stand up. Well, guess what. The other tard got up too. Stood up right next to him. He looked like such a pedophile when he did what he did.


While I was still sitting at the same spot, I unpurposely checked his ass/pants and noticed that his ass was all wet. Okay, it was a rainy day today and it snowed this morning but what the fuck? Did he actually fell on his ass?


Conclusion, my friend got out the bus. I got out next stop, and pushed the mentaly challenged dumb shit with my big ass school bag. By doing that, I made a girl laugh.

Uploaded 11/25/2008
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