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It appears to me that many of us have lost someone in our life and we come on this site and our little dysfunctional family opens up a little at a time. I am so impressed with the way we have opened up our screens and maybe our hearts to this new gal "haumight".  From all appearances she is really having problems and she came on this site because of the blog section. She writes stuff that is a little depressing, OK alot depressing but it is also very good at times. I am nobody and certainly not the heart of this blog section but I am proud as hell of us for accepting her into our little family.


I wrote this because of her blog earlier saying she went to the hospital and we know how sick she is so lets send out our prayers OR and I said OR good feelings for her tonight.


Haumight if you come back on tonight I am happy you are well and NEVERMIND. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

bohankeeton Uploaded 11/28/2008
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