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   Have you ever had the the feeling in you of pride? I'm not talking about the pride many would think, It's the feeling of self-pride. Not just a word many can say and mean while the words spill out their mouths, it's the feeling deep within your body and you eventuly feel it in your mind and everyday thoughts.


Pride is not gained in days, or months, it's formed within several years, those several years can be a handful of things, such as extreme hardships, learning true respect, and the secure feeling you have in your family, people that truly love you, and would truly give their lives to make sure yours is better than theirs which which in-turn you learn the word respect and somewhat honor in it. Its the fact of having that significant other that loves you and would do anything for you and your protection and honor as a human. And last, It's the feeling of being a true person with yourself, and to believe in yourself and never let the little bullshit bring you down, to be strong, not weak.












Eastside_Dave Uploaded 11/30/2008
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