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A Message From AW Smith


So a while back I talked about the US Auto Makers and how they were broke but flyng private jets that cost $20,000 for a trip from Detroit to Washington D.C.  $20,000 is what some people in this country make a year.

Now the automakers have taken an acting class.  One automaker is flying commercially to D.C.

Another is driving!  (GASP)

And the third is...well...taking the private jet.


Well at least two listened to the instructor during class, the third was probally drawing dollar signs in his notebook.

This bailout plan is getting seriously ridicoulus, has anyone been keeping up with what is going where?

Plus it was announced yesterday I believe that we are officially in a recession.

Good times are here at last.

~AW Smith

MLM Sucks

AWSmith Uploaded 12/02/2008
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