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My Sweet Bohank......


it seems like all the chicks in the blogs section really dig your wrinkled old balls so i guess i am going to have to come clean and profess my undying man love for you. if i were a chick, Bo, i would ride your grandpa shaft like i was a hores on a merry go round! with your old man balls slapping my tight young buttocks i would scream " you're such a dirty old man!" and performe sex acts that, until then, you had no idea exsisted. i would then track down your ex and give her my love stained undies just as a reminder of how great you were. even after the restraining order that you would eventually have to get, i would follow you around like the Burger King. just showing up and generally making you uncomfortable. that, in a nut shell, is what I would do if i were a woman.good thing for you i am not.

AWFULJACKASS Uploaded 12/05/2008
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