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fuck i just woke up my sister again. I started laughing at something not funny in someones blog I dont remember what his blog wasnt even funny I dont know why I laugh at stupid shit anyways I barely made any noise I cant stop my self from laughing no one could so its not really my fault it was barely a squeak and it still woke her up shes like FUCKING BITCH TURN OFF THE LIGHT AND SHUT THE FUCK UP I HAVE WORK TOMOOROW RETARDED BITCH . STUPID BITCH blah blah blahI was like calm down (and I whispered) .. Bitch she herd me and she went fucking went crazy first she threw a empty warter bottle at my head and then she went up to my face and said say it to my face bitch then my sisters boyfriend chilled her out I just stayed quite and she mumbled some shit and went back to sleep, so I went back to ebaums blog and couldnt think of n.e thing to write about so yeah thats why I want my own room.

angie111 Uploaded 12/11/2008
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