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I Want The Iraq War Gone For Christmas


As of March this year the Pentagon were tagging the cost at $600 billion so far, that's the Pentagon, and that's obviously still rising, after Bush predicted it would cost $50-60 billion 5 years ago. Yeah, good one, you nearly got it right, only $550 billion out. Not that much then. Don't worry he might make it back, or by God's sacred scrotum he'll sink the free market economy trying. Some analysts, including the Congressional Budget Office, are estimating the potential cost will be a mind-boggling, soul-destroying, let-me-claw-out-Bush's-eyes-and-shit-in-his-ravaged-sockets amount of $1-$2 trillion. A Nobel Prize-winning economist and critic of the war, Joseph E. Stiglitz, claims the long-term costs could be as much as $4 trillion - all, obviously, depending on how long it drags on for. And now Bush is off to enjoy his delightful retirement while troops fight on in a seemingly endless war, and the Iraqi people live in chaos. I think we should catapult him into the moon as punishment.

L_o_L Uploaded 12/12/2008
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