bitches hate me cause im hot

im so sick of random chicks hating on me because im hot

its not too unusual for them to start eyeballin me funny when i walk into a bar or club .

its not my fault ur man thinks im hot and would prefer you looked like me

and the funny thing is i dont even try to look hot it just comes naturally

im what u would call a natural beauty with a work free kick ass body

ups sorry ur ugly but dont hate. not only am i hot but smart too

im in grad school  bitches . sorry if all these letters are already confusing u . the funny thing is i am a really nice person to everyone but it seem that ugly chicks cant handle me being prettier. its not like i go to a party and hit on ur man . hes the one eyeing me so slap him dont talk shit about me . why are broads so stupid i cant seem to understand. sometimes i am sick of all this attention i receive from men . they keep looking at me in the grocery store, opening the door for me, smiling strangely at me. even lezbos hit on me . my brother doesnt wanna bring his guy friends over because they pay more attention to me than him.

im not interested in modeling or anything and its actually hard for me to find a decent man because all the ones i meet seem to think im just a sexual object or a dumb bimbo. they get even more intimidated when they learn im a clinical psychology grad student. but i gotta say it feels pretty damn good to be so  beautiful

brains and beauty bitches - what u got ?

Uploaded 12/17/2008
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