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The Pot Smoker- Documentary 1


Official Documentary Material

Researcher:David "Eastside"

Dates- 01/05/2000 To 12/10/2008





The following is a documentary on the not so well known pot smoker. The pot smoker comes in many shapes, forms, and origins. But not all pot smokers can be classified the same. Through my travels I hope to educate the public about the species. All documents are based on facts and all names are with held for safety of the pot smoker.



ORGIN- The pot smoker has been around for thousands of years, the very exact origin is unknown, but it is wide spread. Now residing in hoods and ghettos to the rich and famous. A good amount of pot comes from Mexico, or the neighborhood stoner who actually grows his own and sells to other pot smokers. The pot smoker can usually be found in basements, corner stores, or sometimes wondering the streets.



(The following are things and activities that excite the pot smoker for sometimes no apparent reason)

-Mountain Dew

-More pot

-Papa johns

-Cops (TV only)

-Assorted chewy candies


-Animals who get high

-People who get animals high

-People who laugh at people who get animals high

-The driv-thru

-April 20th

-4th of July




(WARNING): Do not encounter a pot smoker without pot, friend or not. He may act cool and nice with you, but deep in his mind he is working on an excuse to get away from you.



-Your nuts


-Thats sweet




-Im high

-Im smacked

-Im blowed

-Im toasted

-Im fried


-Im fuckin hungry

-White castle













-Steve erkle


-Bobby brown





FINAL THOUGHT FOR FIRST HALF- After many years of participating in the pot smoker rituals with these fascinating creatures, it is sad leaving them, but there is a feeling of satisfaction knowing more are just a dime bag away.

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