SLEEP PARALYSIS - It's fucking scary !!

First for those of you who dont know what sleep paralysis is : our bodies naturally produce a chemical which paralyses our entire body so that we dont act out our dreams. This chemical is released while we are in REM sleep . Most of us dont care or even know about this because we are asleep.

Yet in a few people the brain will wake up while the body is still paralized. It's not uncommon to experience hallucinations and hear imaginery voices while in this state. Usually you are unable to move anything , except rarely just the eyes. The person experiencing this will feel an extremely heavy weight on their chest and entire body.

I've experienced sleep paralysis four times, but the first time was surely the scariest. It was early morning and all of a sudden I was fully awake. I felt as if someone was squeezing my brain. I tried to lift my arms but was unable to move. I started to panic and it was difficult to catch my breath. I felt like my chest would explode. All of a sudden I heard a man's voice calling out to me. I freaked the fuck out!

Then I saw a man walk out of the closet and stand next to my bed. After a few minutes he walked back into my closet. I lay paralized for a few more minutes and slowly I was able to move again.I thought that I just had a ghost encounter.

When it happened to me the second time I decided to see what I could find on the net. Thats when I learned about sleep paralysis and I am relieved that my ass is not haunted.

I;ve learned to stay calm while in sleep paralysis and to just wait to regain mobility.

Sleep paralysis - its fucking scary.

Uploaded 12/22/2008
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