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Mom, I want one of those fancy 8 track players for Christmas


I'm workin in my department, about ready to go home, when an older man comes up. He's not too old, maybe around 50-60, but still perfetly sane and capable. He asks for some blank 8 track tapes.


Now lets let that soak in for a minute. Blank. 8. Track. Tapes. Are you fucking kidding me, guy? I mean really, I almost started laughing in this guy's face. They haven't made 8 track tapes in probably 25 years. But yea, we totally have them. They're right here, in the betamax setion, past the commodore 64s, right next to the theremins! Oh, by the way, mister customer, we just got in a new shipment of biotrons, care to have a look?





sparks158 Uploaded 12/23/2008
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