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Christmas is Over


Well folks, it's the day after christmas and you know what that means...that's right, i, af240, am finally legal. today is my 18th birthday, and you know what i'm doing on this oh so special occation? i'm working..

once again my boss proves what a flaming cunt she is..i even wrote on the schedule "Amanda's 18th birhtday! -off please!" so lame..


but what can you do, at least i only work untill 3 so it doesn't ruin my whole day. later i'm going to dinner with my family to my favorite japanese resturaunt, and then out to a club with my friends..

p.s. real quick update on the fuck buddy, it's not that he wanted my "relationship status" on facebook to say "in a relationship" he just didn't want it to say that i'm single anymore...rediculous.


af240 Uploaded 12/26/2008
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