Crazy boxing day bitches.

so today was boxing day and because I moved in with my father we needed to go buy me a wadrobe and a couple other things. One thing on our list made us need to go to the mall. Bad idea. I hate bad drivers to begin wtih but I can to be to harsh consdiering i dont even drive myself. But still, Some of these people are so stupid.

I was insanely packed. People were cutting infront of people and leaning out of their windows to tell someone off. And of course swearing like a trucker. My dad and I were jsut looking for a quick place for him to park while I ran into La Senza tog et a couple things. ANd we are sitting there waiting to get into the little aisle thing and someone finaly lets us through so we start to go. In the lane next to this person some crazy ass lady comes speeding up and almost rams right into us. Is she fucking retarded. Did she not notice all of the cars that weren't moving. Or the fact that a big red car was right infront of her fat face. Of course she then procedes ( spelled that wrong) to flip out at us and act like I jsut abortion punched her while murdering kittens on her favourite purse.

Last time I checked going like 50 in a 20 zone wasn't to OK. But whatever  cant change the fact that her crazy italian bitch ass can't drive. I jsut hope to god Im not as ignorant as that when I get older.

What doesn't make sense to me is everything would work so much better if people could jsut have common courtesy and let peole go when they need to and when they aren't rude. Instead of flipping them off.


Uploaded 12/27/2008
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