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so as many of you know, i love beer. i love it so much i drink it, blog about it, and i even make my own beer in my garage. recently in fact, i blogged about a honey beer that i had made. it had a heavy honey after taste but had an alcohol content somewhere near steel reserve. good stuff, guaranteed liquid panty dropper. soon after my blog, meatlocker commented that, though i always blog about my beer, noone ever gets to try it. so feeling like the fat kid cutting the cake at a birthday party, i could no longer keep the joy of my beer to myself.

so i propose a contest. i also wrote a blog that i called my 'beer prose'. it was a blog about my love for alcohol and likening my different stages of alcohol to experiences with the opposite sex. so here is your challenge. write a 'beer prose' declaring your love for booze, make it funny and tasteless. i will judge the submissions and declare a winner by thursday, so make sure to have your submissions in by then. there will be a prize to the top submissions of 1 bottle of my newest brew, 'Liquid Fornication'. happy blogging people

i am sindicate and i hate when my original blogs get deleted 

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