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The chronicles of volcom.


once when i was in middle school i brought oxycotton and sold some to my friends.

I once pissed out a large kidney stone and i was only 13!

when I was younger I pissed for 4 minutes straight.

Once when i came home from the hospital from a berium swallow i went to the bathroom and i shitted white!

I was born without an esophegus and had to undergo many surgeries and I had to eat food through a blender until I was nine.

Once in alpine Texas I witnessed A real UFO!

I almost died from an accidental. tylenol p.m. pill overdose on christmas eve.

My family makes over 200,000 a year.

One of my grandfathers was a natzi.

I have to under go 2 sergeries every two years.

I spent almost 4000 dollars on a plasma tv.

All the above are true facts.

volcomelement34 Uploaded 12/28/2008
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