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What is up with all the wal-mart blogs recently? I know the company is prue evil and will end up being like the Umbrella Company in resident evil and am sorry to say i work there. I was reading a few and most people complain about same thing, too few cashiers. I agree about that but it all goes back up to the top. The CEO's run all stores and try to run every store the exact same and that is what hurts alot of stores since every store is different. Another remark was that there arewal-marts every 15-30 min away from where you live. I live in a mid sized city and haveĀ 7 stores in a 20 mile radius. The only good thing abot wal-mart is that i am not concerned about loosing my job cause might loose store or company doing cutbacks.

soulsucker269 Uploaded 12/31/2008
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