Too gross to be a story...

Hello People..Here i  will put a disclaimer..dont read if you care about my grammar.

 Ok so I have rcently aquired near X-men skills. I can on command spray blood out of my nose like a squirt gun...I only did it once and it was by accident but as my new mutant power I will have in under control soon enough. I was about to sneeze and i stop to point up towards the ceiling to make anyone watching stare upwards to avoid the show, When i stopped the sneeze in its tracks.As soon as i had the relief of knowing i wasnt going to sneeze it happened. I shot blood out of my noose like kurt cobain,princess diana,whitney houstan,michael jackson,sonny bono,cher,ernest hemingway,Jfk,Phil hartman,joan benne ramzy,that guy at the gas station by my house,ron goldman,the shining,any saw movie,faces of death and finaly and most like kill bill...Man it was great....So ya .I need a super hero name.. I was thinking ....

Matt the leader of the zombies. Now with blood squirty powers...haaaa i gots it.

Uploaded 01/01/2009
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