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I have given up on expecting anything good at the home page now and mostly just check mail and blogs. When i had been introduced to this site a long time ago ( a friend showed me the fat black woman singing along with the milkshake song and spreading those thunder thighs)  there were actually good posts that people liked but now most are just lame and not entertaining at all. I plan to be here a long time and become like many other bloggers on here being either hated or loved by many. I may be considered a noob here on EB by some but i careless i have been coming here since 98 but have only recently signed up into this strange wild world of shit talkers and shit takers. I will admit i am not the brightest person on this site  but am proud of who i am and my life i live. I just felt like posting a blog that didnt involve with much anything that people can complain about or be offended. 

P.S.   I love to fuck dead horses in the eye

soulsucker269 Uploaded 01/04/2009
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