Typical Fucking Colts

It's a known fact in the sports world that Chicago Cubs fans are considered to have the hardest job in sports fandom.  Year after year, for almost a century, they have seen their team fail to win a championship.  But you know what sports team it is even harder to be a fan of?

The Indianapolis Fucking Colts.

"But the Colts have won two NFL championships since the Cubs last appeared in a World Series", you say.  "Mr. Peyton 'I appear in every fucking commercial break' Manning just won his record-tying third MVP award", you say.  "The Colts have had probably the best decade in the regular season of any team ever", you say.

That is exactly my fucking point.

Why the hell can't they perform in the post-season?  Last night they let Darren Sproles run all over them like he always does.  Last night they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory like they always do.  Last night they made an early exit from the playoffs to an inferior team like they always do.

Maybe they needed for the Patriots to make the playoffs.  In '06 when they actually won the Super Bowl, they had to beat the Patriots to do it.  This year, they play a team that should never have appeared in any playoffs in any year and FUCKING LOSE!  Come the fuck on!

Al Michaels mentioned during the game that Darren Sproles will be a free agent after this year.  You know what that means?  That's a big red flag for the Colts.  Marvin Harrison is on the downslide, so is Joseph Addai (pretty harsh when he's on the lower side of his 20's, but I think it's true), and so is LaDanian Tomlinson.  Sproles stands a good chance of being an every game starter with the Chargers next year *if* they re-sign him.  The Colts, on the other hand, would benefit more than the Chargers if they either signed him or just paid the mother fucker not to play!

It's pretty damn simple.  The Chargers have been the underperforming thorn in Indy's side for a while now.  Eliminate the biggest fucking threat they have and you're golden.

Gee, I used a lot of fucking in the entry, huh?  That's because I'm FUCKING PISSED OFF!  Go other Manning brother!

Uploaded 01/04/2009
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