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Penis Names


As I sit here thinking about what to "blog" about I thought it would be funny to see what other people call their penis, or better yet what your girl calls your penis.  I have heard many different names for a penis but I am curious who has the most creative.  Hmmmmmmmmmm......Lets here them and ill put them up on here.


My favorite is Daddy Long-Stroke. 


-Whenever he gets lonely

-The Angry Inch

-Lost in translation

-pee pee

-"getthemicroscope"  haha i like this one


-wee wee




-Polish Rifle

-Capped crusader

-The General

-Two Handled Shotgun

-The German Helmet

-The Best Man



-Mr. Pringle Can

-Mr. Longfellow

-The Octagon hahahahaha

If you cant think of any check this video out that has TONS of penis names kinda funny.

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