I slept all day and stayed up all night again. . So I ditched church and went into a really deep sleep and I started dreaming that I was driving into like a dark mist and I saw my baby cousin in the middle of the road and I go up to her and say sweetie wats wrong and she has NO FACE !!, its covered with hair, then with a demonic voice she says your going to hell. and then she started whispering six six six and then the ground split open and there were dead bodies everywhere and lots of blood and crying and I started falling and falling and falling into an endless hell . Then I woke up and I was home alone and my house was completely quite and creepy like I was in the twilight zone. I turned on all the lights, blasted my music, put on the T.V , and I called my brother cuz I had a feeling that they were dead , but they were fine. I didnt tell anyone about my dream cuz everyone will think im weird but sometimes I have incredibly vivid dreams and mostly when I avoid god.. So I think god is trying to tell me something cuz If I died in my sleep today I would be burning in hell FOREVER and EVER.and it would be the end. So thank god im not dead.AMEN.

Uploaded 01/04/2009
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