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Hatience Full of Worstosity.


Want to know what I hate? I'll tell you.

I HATE the POLKAudio pop-up ad that shows up everytime my cursor runs over it.

I hate standing in line.

I hate peanutbutter-flavoured food.

I hate guys who spend a lot of time on their hair.

I hate women who wear too much perfume.

I hate reality game shows.

I hate fat chicks with tattoos.

I hate Bon Jovi.

I hate people fucking up my food order.

I hate stickers of Calvin peeing on ANYTHING in your truck's back window.

I hate magazines with celeb baby/wedding photos on the cover.

I hate any sweet booze.

I hate sleeping in a hot room.

I hate the fact that my negativity has pushed away people I love.




ugdork Uploaded 01/09/2009
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