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I am addicted to ebaums for many reasons.  I would like to share those with you...


·     This is community of loving people.

·     There is always a kind word to be shared.

·     The love that is shown here is immesurable.

·     If you need help with any aspect of your life, you can be sure to find a kind and helpful response here.

·     The features are always worth watching.

·     The comments always revolve around how great the feature was, and how brilliant the submitter is.

·     There aren't any ads, ever.

·     Never does your page automatically get redirected to some anti-virus scam.

·     The respect that the users show one another is beyond belief.

·     Never any negative remarks or PMs.  Negative nellies are shown the door promptly when they start in.

·     Noone ever curses or tries to provoke anger.

·     Noone ever attacks anyones beliefs, but instead encourages differences in opinion, and ways we can all come together to achieve a common goal.

·     Smartasses are nowhere to be seen, but instead, a hoard of well wishes, and positive reinforcement for your efforts are given.

·     Everyone pretty much seems to believe in the same ideals, and has the same loving opinion of this place as I do....

·     Everyone is great looking, and everyone thinks that about everyone else...


·     Most of us know each other in real life, and c







Fucking alarm clock....


I am HunterDad, and all I want is some fucking coffee....

HunterDad Uploaded 01/12/2009
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