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I'm going to hell.


I seriously am. Lately I've been having a secret relationship with someone who before this morning had a girlfriend. And thats not even the worst part. Hes my ex's best friend. And my ex Matt wasn't even ok with the fact that me and Curtis stay friends after he broke up with me. Wow this is going to go over really well when Matt finds out that Curtis and I want to date lol I have a feeling that someone will get punched in the face ifi t isn't done properly

Karma is going ot bite me in the ass so bad for this one haha. I really am a whore for this.

I guess this is what Matt gets for hiding the fact that he was in lvoe with another girl the entire time we dated. And that was almost two months. Haha. Buddy didn't know that his best guy was cheaking out his girl that entire time. :)

Have a nice day everbody :)

CailenMP Uploaded 01/15/2009
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