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Mysterious disaperances.


I have been onthis site for a decent amount of time now. long enough to know when something is happening.

There have been a lot of users to just stop showing up on here

what happened to that guy 1d3n717y (identity, I dont remember how it was spelled)

I know a lot of us miss Maskedkillerguy,

and recently haumight just disapeared completly. one day she was here the next gone. every comment, every blog, everything. 

I am sure there are others that just stopped showing up but well you know them in your hearts and I am not going to just name everyone.

Perhaps they were chosen and went to the island?

Perhaps they drank the punch and the spaceship came?

Perhaps masked killerguy actually put his hatchet into his computer?


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

EBW may never know,

This has been just some thoughts from



godliberator Uploaded 01/16/2009
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