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eBaum's Problems


I've seen it mentioned several times that people are having problems viewing eBaum's.  I am having problems too, and was wondering if anyone had solutions.

I use IE, because I am not a fancypants like the rest of you high tech guys and gals.  Over the last week or so when I look at an item I will sometimes have to back-click three times to get back to the last page.  When I click the history arrow it shows something about an ad site as the last page and then "Current Page" behind that.

At work I have been automatically logged out a few times, but never at home until tonight.  I even saw my eReps points change, then went back a page and was logged out.

Does anybody have any answers for this?  I was thinking about running Finally Fast or something like that because my computer is slow in general, but I've heard bad things about that too.  Any suggestions?

footfknmaster Uploaded 01/16/2009
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