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The Bar


I'm writing this with the worst hangover ever while eating tacos so work with me a little bit.


I was at the bar last night doing what people do in bars (excluding 37% of the viewing audience), downing beer after frosty beer, shot of crown here, shot of gentleman here. I'd say it was about 8:30pm and the bar has it's usual patrons, a good 35 people and we're all drunk off our ass.


The door has a ringer on it so when you open it, a buzzer goes off. When the buzzer goes off everybody always turns to see who is walking in. (remember, 35+ people)


Well, the buzzer goes off, everybody turns, and in walks the worlds biggest man. I'm not talking about no Schwarzenegger, I'm talking 5 Drew Carey's making up one man I shit you not. Wearing a Grey sweat outfit.

Well everybody turns to look and you could guess what was running through some of our minds being drunk and all. (not referring to deliverance) The worlds biggest man takes a bar stool, and orders a glass of whiskey, takes a few sips and all of a sudden shits himself.


Right there in the fucking bar.

In front of 35 people.

And then acts like nothing happened.


Needless to say, this is the end of the story because me and each and everyone of the people in there left, didn't say a word, we just left.


I am Eastside Dave and I experienced hell at the bar.





Eastside_Dave Uploaded 01/17/2009
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