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Selfish Bastards


I just read a very angering article in a popular British news paper. It was about a small coummunity somwhere in England petitioning against new houses being built in their town, houses that are being built to accomidate members of the British army. the town is near a TA (territorial Army) barracks, which are just like normal soldeirs but basically part time. they carry other jobs and do not live within the Barracks for most of the time. So basically these houses are needed to house potential war hero's and the people of this town have complained on the groungs that this could be a 'terror risk' to their town.

...Apparently Terrorist have started hitting part time British soldeirs with their time....

hmmm..... anyway i hope that every bastard that complained gets and incurable gential itch. comments?


Durcs Uploaded 01/19/2009
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