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To Bake or Not to Bake, That is the Weed Question


As a lifelong non-smoker of weed (that's right, Mary Jane hasn't popped my cherry), I have to admit that I am curious about it.  I've seen lots of depictions in movies, on the internet, in books, etc. of what happens when you smoke weed.  I see weed mentioned a lot here in the blogs, the most overt examples being a couple in the last few weeks about the great stuff going around and the "benefits" of various types of weed.

I guess I know about as much as I can about a weed high without actually doing it, but I've always wondered, what is the difference between smoking it and eating/baking it?

Apparently you still get high when you eat it, with the added benefit of not smelling like a stoner's van.  "Special Brownies" are just one example.  So all of you Weedy Veterans, what it is like to consume the gange compared to smoking it?

I am footfknmaster, and I am a little bit curious.

footfknmaster Uploaded 01/19/2009
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