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Improvement Thoughts


I've been thinking of small things the site could improve on that would make a difference in the long run. So heres a couple of my ideas and feel free to suggest any of you're own.


- Make uploads easier to delete, instead of going one by one, which takes eternity, have the list of user uploads with check boxes, like inbox messages. Makes it easier for the user to delete repost or junk uploads.


- Serious improvements are needed with caption contests, anyone who gets thumbs up can be chosen, which has been taken advantage of by people using multiple profiles etc. Get rid of thumbs, and allow only one comment per user, then after commenting is done, have an admin chose 5-10 comments then allow thumbs.


- Allow group description editing. Because there are alot of typos that can't be fixed.


- Bring pictures back to the blogs. :(


- Atleast one featured media item after 10pm for late nighters.







Eastside_Dave Uploaded 01/26/2009
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