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Wish me some fuckin' luck


Well, I'm about to leave here and head onto base to talk to a VA rep about getting compensation for the shit I should've been compensated for two and a half years ago.  I basically hate the VA right now, as I was given the run around by them when I was in RI.  They kept cancelling my appointments and rescheduling them for when I was working.  So, basically, I had to choose between going to the VA or eating and paying my rent for the month. I chose the latter of the options.  This went on for a few months until I finally got so frustrated with the process that I gave up.  Well, the hubs says that the VA rep he talked to here is really helpful, so hopefully he'll be able to help me. 

So wish me luck that I can get what I need and not have to wait until we move to the west coast to do this.

kittyhasclaws Uploaded 07/28/2008
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