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There you go. If hell freezes over and this site does, in fact, go down, those who want to reach me can do so. I think there should be a coordinated effort to find a new site to blog on, so that the regulars here can stay together and blogging on the same site together.


But I digress. I expect this site is going to remain up and bloggable for quite some time yet. Conglomerates don't buy up pre-built, fully functioning, popular and profitable websites... and then change them. That's called bad business. ZVUE bought EBW because EBW has a nice profit margin and ZVUE wanted it. They might change little things here and there over time, but the site is not going to be suddenly overhauled and transformed beyond recognition. Hell, they might even manage to IMPROVE the site. If you ask me, everyone's panicking over nothing.


I am Kaustic, and I'm not going anywhere.

Kaustic Uploaded 01/31/2009
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