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Its all over.


Iv been going to this website for almost 6 years, ever since it was a fun media website with no spam, trollers, or assholes. To all of my friends, My new account name on will either be, or possibly GeneralDickhead. To all of those I have offended before im sorry. Yes, I will keep the same avatar. Does anyone know when they will start having members for the new website? If so please tell me. Also I hear that on they will have Ping Id ban so Assholes like Eshel wont keep coming back after there account is deleted. Speaking of Eshel, remember how he said he had some huge glitch that would completely shut down the website? Im pretty sure that assholes going to write a blog saying that he was the one who shut down the website, and we all know that is bull shit. Also to anyone who is interested I will subscribe to you for free just pm me saying please subscribe.

volcomelement34 Uploaded 01/31/2009
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