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So I logged in today, and my mailbox had tons of messages to me and form groups saying "leave, go to cause zvue has taken over" etc etc etc

what in the hell happened? how did they just "take over" and fire ebaums - usually you're bought out, or you're owned by them in the first place to get fired... and how the hell is this ebaums world shit a corporation? I thought this was a place for me to come, see awesome shit, and badger people about their idiocy, redneck mannerisms, and complete lack of intelligence - and ebaum made money from ads to buy the shit you can use your points on.

Anyhoo, i dunno what's going on, or who zvue is, or what in the hell a zvue is to begin with - maybe a product made in a sweat shop by an asian boy named quang who gets a bowl of rice and fifty leatherwhip lashings for making a shitty product? Maybe it's the name of a prostitute in Europe who has every STD known to man? A new concept car?

Someone please, explainnnnnnn this to me; Will this still be entitled "ebaums world" or will it change to "zvue whatever-the-fuck-that-is place of shittyness?" I did ponder why the submissions were getting gayer and gayer, and how some make no complete sence.... must be of this move!

oh well - I only came to this site to watch good uploads and badger you if you SUCK ASS.





please reach in your ass and donate coffee. kthanxbai

bigmassdebator Uploaded 02/01/2009
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