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Okay, so I made it into the top 5 users for uploading a bunching of vids.  Cool.  I was wondering how much it'd take.  Still, I'm not doing this for poins or anything, it's just kinda cool to share some of the stuff I find instead of just being a scab and getting cool stuff without passing it on.


I'm still on my mission to find as many cool non-porn vids of chicks in lingerie or bikini's I can find.  I've got quite a few now, so I'll be posting a bunch more galleries soon enough but it's taking me a while to sort through it all.


I just checked out Google Earth's new version too with Google Mars.  For pete's sake, what's the point?  It's not like we can ever go there!  Why can't they do somethign useful like zoom in on all the topless beaches in the world or something?

bullseyerock Uploaded 02/02/2009
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