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Top 10 Reasons MacDreidel Blows Donkeys


10. He enjoys the taste.

9. Dog penis is no longer large enough to be enjoyable.

8. Horse penis is still too big and scary.

7. After a close call with Dateline, children are now off limits.

6. ZVUE execs demand he look them in the eye while fellating, this creeps him out.

5. Surgery to have lower ribs removed is too costly, even when paying with ereps from stolen media features.

4. Uncle Chuck isn't interested anymore since he has stopped fighting it.

3. Post workout protein is now enjoyable, no more chalky shakes.

2. Collecting cum from his dripping anus after being fucked by ZVUE execs is time consuming and leaves a funny aftertaste.

1. He really, really, really enjoys the taste

djlp Uploaded 02/03/2009
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