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eRep Prizes


To all the new admins,


You would make a lot of headway with the users of this site if you could at least let us know what is happening with the eRep Prizes that we've ordered. If this has already been addressed then someone point me in the right direction. If not, listen up. 


WE DON'T WANT STUPID EMPTY PROMISES, WE WANT SHIP DATES!! I have been waiting since last October for my prize and I know others have been waiting much longer. (I'm not talking to you queers that didn't legitimately earn your points. You all can burn in hell.)


So let's have it. Give us some answers. Send it out in a PM, write a blog and feature it. DO SOMETHING!! Otherwise you will continue to lose super users that give you quality content and be stuck with noobs uploading Chocolate Rain videos.

TheMadKnight Uploaded 02/04/2009
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