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Fuck, dammit, sonuvabitch, I Didn't Want To Do This...


Dammit, I'm back!  Yes, yes, my last blog was titled "A Thoughtful Diatribe On Why I Won't Be Back", but dammit, I'm fucking bored!  I've been checking in from time to time, and The Big Bad and a couple others put it very nicely - THE RECENT BLOGS FUCKING SUCK A LOT OF DIRTY SHIT-STAINED, HEPATITIS-LADEN, 3 AND A HALF INCH DICK!

I have no idea when or if the new site is going to get a blog section up, and fuck it, they can take however long they want to get it up.  I want to blog now!  I miss the people that I used to talk to, and dammit, I'm not going to let Ulysses Curry, Eric Bauman, or any other son of a bitch worth a lot more than me stop me.  I've got a lot to bitch about, and by God, you people are going to read every last damn bit of it!

So to paraphrase the great Jack Nicholson, "HEEEEEEEEEEEERREEE'S FOOTY!"

footfknmaster Uploaded 02/12/2009
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