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The fire "2"


I am dancing through the fires of life and I am once again thinking what the hell is going on????? I am smarter than this crap and why cant I figure it out? I have seen the good and the bad times enough to know that just around the corner one or the other is coming. You smile for one and hang on for the other so look out here it comes again and  WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW its kryptonite fire can be and IS stopped many times and I am an Aquarius (water bearer) SPLASH BITCH and get behind me.


Their is a "MORAL" to these two stories and a simple one at that..............Listen people, ENJOY the good times and survive the bad ones (with friends) and life is just that   "LIFE"


Little quote from a song by Kris Kristofferson performed by Hank Jr.  "anybody who don't like Hank Williams you can KISS OUR ASS"     and I mean that. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank     LONG LIVE EBAUMS .COM

bohankeeton Uploaded 02/20/2009
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