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Last night was the first time drinking moonshine.

If you never have, imagine drinking rubbing alcohol, and the taste lingers in your mouth forever.

So I am a heavyweight drinker, its not odd to drink 30 or 40+ beers in a night.


So.. I leave the bar and head to the drive-thru, me and my buddy grab more booze and we head to shoot pool.

After being there for a couple, our buddy walks in and is talking about something that will blow our ass out.


We go to his place and he pulls out a full mason jar full of a clear liquid. Opens the top, smells it, and hands me the jar.

Well, I didn't know you were supposed to sip it, and my ass takes 3 huge ass gulps. It's like drinking mace, and you taste it for hours afterwards.


Well long story short, it knocked my ass out.



I am Eastside_Dave and I've been to hell in a hand basket.

Eastside_Dave Uploaded 02/22/2009
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