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No, not what I pulled out of there... that would be too short (sorry bout the toothbrush, Bohank). Just some random shit that needs addressing/airing out/ balh blah blah.

I turned 30 yesterday. I am officially an old fogey. But here's something interesting: I will be 1,000,000,000 seconds old on or near Nov. 3, 2010. That's pretty cool, right? A billion friekin' seconds. No wonder I'm geting more patient at stoplights.

I read these pissy-fight blogs between Pandanate and Wonderboy. WTF? Pandanate, why'd you go there with this guy? And Wonderboy, you don't win a fight over the internet just because someone doesn't respond to your drivel. Personally, I don't care for Chris Hanson but I'm sure he's older than ten, dude. (I always liked the chick on bass in that band, though.)

And seriously, everyone in the world needs to see Le Grande Illusion by Renoir. Great film, great message. And read some zen. And look at the Ralph Eugene Meatyard pics I posted. If you insist on getting high while doing this, feel free (I'm looking at you, Eastside) but remember: You can Tuna Fish if it's a licensed Sturgeon.


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