Bitch's got a gun...

Okay, I am going back to my ususal ranting and raving. I am going to go buy a gun tonight.

Bohank told me I am like the lady on family guy who is always pregnant. FUNNY...but SO sad.

I am done with the heartburn, peeing, leg cramps, nausea, stretchmarks, constipation, aching ribs and back, swollen feet. FUCK this! I am being eaten alive from the inside!

How much more full term can I get? I look like friggin octo-mom! I didnt get stretch marks with my daughter but now my friggin stomach looks like a spider web! DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THAT IS GOING TO BE TO FIX!?!!?

I am telling my doctor to schedule me an induction!!! I am already PISSED at him cause he wont tie my tubes as soon as I give birth-something about it being at a "catholic" hospital. BULLSHIT!

I will either come back to the hospital because I have an appointment or I will come back waving a gun!!!

I am Bitch, get me an epidrual. Thanks for reading...

Uploaded 02/26/2009
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